Notices to Skippers


ALSIC accomplished the study and deployment for the implementation of Notices To Skippers for nv De Scheepvaart and Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV.

Notices To Skippers are messages that are sent by waterway authorities in the whole of Europe. A Notice To Skippers can be published to inform about a calamity, a change of regulations, maintenance on a lock, etc.
These messages are XML documents, based on codes (XML structure and codes are described in a European Standard) and location codes which are recommended en described in the RIS Index in an European Standard . This makes it possible to translate the message in 26 different languages, to make it easy searchable, to visualize it on a map etc. These messages are disseminated by different means of media, on a website, through e-mail, on a ftp-server and webservices.Any visitor of the NtS website can retrieve the messages in 26 languages, see the messages visualized on a map and subscribe to alerts by e-mail.

Third parties can retrieve the messages by mean of webservices and FTP server.

To create, publish and withdraw the messages the web application uses dynamic workflow which is supported by an automatic and intelligent watch and registration system (WARS).

This web application is in use since 1 April 2010.

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