As part of a custom implemented ERP solution, ALSIC developed the SHOPFLOOR application:

  • It allows our client to monitor his manufactory activities.
  • Authorized users can access filtered and fully customizable lists of workorders.
  • SHOPFLOOR translates all incoming data sent straight from the assembly line and updates these work order progress and status indicators.
  • It triggers the next step in the process and makes the necessary reservations to complete the supply chain. Your workforce can be assigned to a particular day since you have a full incoming production forecast.
  • Production progress is shown by a visual progress bar.

We added full traceability to the assembly line which gives a quick and adequate aswer to the following questions:

  • Where can we find our base goods?
  • Where is our finished product?
  • When did we produce the order?
  • Who launched it?

In short, SHOPFLOOR traces back all finished and future work orders, machines used and users from the beginning to the end in the production process.

This tool allows our client to identify process bottlenecks and anticipate and respond quickly when necessary.



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