Dredging Information System


ALSIC together with Fabricom GTI Suez have developed a new version of the Dredging Information System (Bagger Informatie Systeem – BIS) for Flanders (North Sea and Westerscheldt).

Each week the responsible person prepares dredging instructions using a preparation tool (Voorbereiding Baggeropdracht). This preparation tool uses EDCIS charts on which dredging and dump zones are drawn. Additional instructions and objects can be placed on the chart. This mission is assigned to a dredger. All available dredgers together with the calibration files are managed in the same tool.

The dredging preparation tool connects using web services over the internet to a Central Server.

After the dredging instructions are approved, it is brought on board of a dredger. Each dredger has two BIS systems on board. A registration system which measures and stores all dredging related actions. This system reads in the dredging instructions and passes it to the navigation system.

The navigation system shows the position of the dredger on an ECDIS chart. Information like course, position, draught, tide … are shown and continuously updated. Specific dredging information calculated by the registration system is also shown.

After a week the registered information is brought back on shore and processed using the BIS Reporting tool.

ALSIC was responsible for building the dredging preparation tool, navigation system and the central server. ALSIC was also involved in the analysis of the new BIS.

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