Description:The goal of VisuRIS is to provide operational information and geographical presentation at several types of users:
  • Operational information: this consists of tactic and strategic traffic information (TTI/STI), water levels, calamity, infrastructure and waterway related information, Notices to Skippers, …
  • Provide: one solution combines information from different data sources and applications in an unified and user-friendly view.
  • Geographical: maximal recognisable map centred views based upon satellite images, road (OpenStreetMap) or fairway (Inland ECDIS) layers are available.
  • Users: VisuRIS is usable by many types of users such as lock operators, emergency services, skippers, logistic partners, waterway authorities, RIS operators, …

VisuRIS combines all aspects of the four RIS key technologies (Electronic reporting, AIS, Inland ECDIS charts and Notices to Skippers) together in one unified solution and acts as the presentation layer.

VisuRIS is not one application but a set of products suited to different scenario’s and user groups:

The VisuRIS tool is used in the RIS centres (on wide large screens or projector) to get a complete overview of the current situation of the waterways and related traffic. It’s usage is primarily meant for the RIS Centres. It has the most rich functionality and almost all information can be consulted here. RIS operators can also define new guardian zones to be informed when certain vessels passes an area.

VisuRIS Tool

The VisuRIS Portal is the primarily information platform for the external users such as the skippers and logistic partners. Here all relevant fairway information services are made available together with a route and voyage planner. The user can also use this Portal to register vessels and follow their progress. You can visit the website

VisuRIS Portal

The VisuRIS App can be used on the field by skippers and employees of the waterway authorities to consult Notices to Skippers and to get an overview of the traffic. The app has the ability to report or consult about a problem with the waterway infrastructure. Together with provided pictures and the geographical position of the mobile device, the problem can be quickly located. The Apps will soon be published.

VisuRIS App

The VisuRIS Webservices are the backbone of the three different products mentioned above. They provide the necessary information and interaction with the data. The VisuRIS webservices provide the necessary security by using elaborate privacy related authorization. Third party applications are allowed to use the VisuRIS Webservices directly after getting the necessary authentication and authorisation.

Real-time vessel tracking & tracing
Vessels are identified and monitored continuously based upon AIS position messages and ERINOT passage notifications.

Real-time vessel tracking & tracing

GIS-based map
RIS-related information can be shown on a GIS-based map with suitable background layers such as e.g. aerial photos, OpenStreetMap and nautical charts from Inland ECDIS.

Hydrometeo Information
Actual hydrometeo information, such as flows and water levels, are made available on maps, apps and via AIS specific messages.
Hydrometeo Information

My ships
Register your own vessels and track their progress. Consult voyage permits. Make berth reservations. Get notifications on arrival of your ships in Flanders.

Terminal & berth administration
A terminal manager can administer the berths and manage the reservations. Get notifications on the occupation of your berths.

Fairway Information Services (FIS)
Overview of Notices to Skippers, information about waterway, bridge and lock dimensions, lock availability, service hours of locks and bridges.

FIS - Operating hours and allowed dimensions of a lock

Voyage calculation
Calculate the voyage of a vessel using FIS and specific statistical information on the operating times of locks and bridges and travelling times along certain tracks on the waterways, taking also tidal information into account if applicable.

VisuRIS Voyageplanner

Inland ECDIS
Distribution of IENC’s including an easy download overview and notifications when a new version is available.

Be informed when an important events will occurs. Receive notifications through multiple channels: the website, apps, e-mail and SMS.

More information

You can read more about VisuRIS in this document.


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