Overstromingsvoorspeller is a flood forecast web application developed for the Flemish Enviroment Agency (VMM). The main task of the VMM is to inform the public when a flood is imminent. The web site has the following features:

  • Informs the general public and emergency services in the case of a flood.
  • Provides nearly realtime flood forecast for the next 48 hours based on a mathematical model which gets input from a big number of rain gauges.
  • Operators monitor the unnavigable waterways and adjust the results of the mathematical model where necessary. They also provide warning information and prediction text.
  • Forecast information is presented geographical and uses different color codes to indicate possible floods.
  • By clicking on the main map a more detailed map for the region clicked is shown.
  • A tabular overview of all available rain gauges and their measurements is available.
  • A tabular overview of all rain forecasts is available.



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