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ALSIC developed a tracking and tracing solution for the textile company Microfibres. Microfibres tracking and tracing allows our customer to keep track of their goods inside their production plant. Microfibres produces textile that are placed on a textile carrier to move them to different steps, machines or warehouses in the production process. Microfibres tracking and tracing features:

  • Identification of workflow components:
    • Textile identification: All produced textiles are provided with a textile routing document. If follows the textile trough out the production process.
    • Textile carrier identification: The system records all textiles a carrier contains. By knowing the carrier, its content is also known.
    • Location identification: All warehouse and assembly line carrier locations are provided with barcodes.
  • Displacement of textile carriers: All textile carriers’ displacements are registered by simply scanning the textile carrier barcode and the new location barcode. By displacing the carrier, the textile on the carrier is also displaced.
  • Attach textile to empty carrier: Textiles produced are provided with a routing document containing a barcode. By scanning the carrier barcode and routing document barcode, the textile gets assigned to the carrier.
  • Moving goods between carriers: Simply scanning the routing document and the new carrier barcode moves goods from one carrier to another.
  • Confirmation of textile assignment: Planned work orders are confirmed by warehouse employees by scanning the routing document barcode of finished intermediate goods and the routing document barcode of planned work orders.

Keywords: ERPSCMTraceability
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