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ALSIC has built many websites and web applications in the past. To facilitate this we have built a development platform called the ALSIC.Web Framework (AWF). It’s based on the .NET Framework and contains a fully-fledged Content Management System. AWF is used in various setups with different look ’n feel. Please select a project on the right to see some of the realizations.

Look ‘n feel

AWF supports many different look ‘n feels and does not propose a fixed structure. It uses skin sets which contains different lay-outs like the classic 5 part (header, left, content, right and footer) to portal configurations with many zones.

Content Management System

AWF contains a user friendly Content Management System for managing different parts of the website. The cornerstone of AWF is called a module. A module can be a news module, HTML text, image album, web service frontend, AJAX list ... More than 100 modules are already available. Content managers can define pages and place modules on them. Each module has its own specific content editor. AWF also supports CMS workflows such as create, review, test and publish. Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to an older version of a webpage so version management is also available.

Multiple languages are also supported. AWF can remember the language selected by the user.

Geographic presentation

One of the most difficult challenges is the presentation of real-time information on geographic maps. AWF contains a geographic presentation library and modules which are being used in various configurations. Information is captured from various sources and placed on shape file maps or on (Inland) ECDIS charts. Examples are the geographic presentation of flood forecasting results, notices to skippers, AIS tracks or hydro and weather information.


AWF is built with security in mind. It’s being used in both internet and intranet solutions. The administrator has various tools at his disposal for securing the websites. Roles are created and been given view, admin … rights on pages. The menus dynamically show only the pages users have access to. Account management and monitoring tools are available to ease the burden placed on administrators.

High Availability and Performance

AWF is used in the most demanding environments such flood forecasting, traffic and calamity monitoring. It supports availability requirements of 99,9%. AWF is active for more than 7 years in various configurations such a clusters and network load balancing (NLB). High performance is based on the usage of distributed cache configurations.

Instances in various remote datacenters are supported through the use of database replication.

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