Water treaty Maas


The river Maas (Meuse) flows from France to Belgium to Netherlands. Between the countries Belgium and Netherlands are agreements concerning the water usage from the Maas.

Each country is allowed to use a certain quantity of the water for industry, locks, agriculture, drinking water … This quantity is measured in m³/s (flow rate). It is also important that a minimum water level for inland navigation is maintained. In cases of serious drought (summers) there is high chance that water saving measures are taken.

ALSIC has developed an intranet web application to monitor the water usage for each country. Water flow meters are placed at certain key points of the river Maas and its branches. Using the information from these meters (which is collected every 10 minutes) the water usage for each country is calculated. At the end of every day every country gets a report with the usage.

The responsible person for monitoring the water usage is automatic notified in case of excesses.

The solution consists of a web front end, alerting and reporting components, data acquisition and calculation software. The web application has extensive security, the possibility to define own graphs, tabular and graphic overviews, logbook …

The system is operational from 1 January 2003. It has been renewed in 2010.

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