Desktop Virtualization


The Monitoring Network is named after a group of irregular sandbanks in the western part of the Flemish coast that create serious problems for navigation in the area. The Flemish Banks Monitoring Network consists of a nautical Monitoring Network, weather forecasting centres on the shore and a computer network in Oostende.

The Flemish Banks desktop environment consist of physical workstations which are running lots of different applications. In order to streamline and to be able to manage this environment in a more easy way, ALSIC suggested to extend the existing virtual environment with a virtual desktop environment.

Due to the proven technology of VMWare View and the already existing VMWare ESX enviroment, ALSIC decided together with the customer to implement a virtual desktop environment based on VMWare Software and making use of Wyse thin clients.

The new virtual desktop infrastructure allows the customer to

  • centrally manage the desktop management
  • easily deploy new software applications
  • replace old desktop infrastructure within a few minutes

Keywords: Virtualization
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