ALSIC developed the planning and production follow-up tool LOVOD, for the textile printing department in Microfibres as a component of a custom implemented ERP solution.

LOVOD is an application that is tailored to the needs of the textile printing department as it features:

Stock list: Detailed stock information for source textiles that can be used for printing.

Printed orders: A detailed list of all printed work orders.

Printing machine planning: From the Stock list, work orders can be easily planned on different machines. In the machine planning detail screen, the order of the work orders can be easily changed.

Routing document: During the production process production steps can be added or changed in the printing department.

Displacement order: Team leaders can create displacement orders to move textile carriers from the warehouse to the department for work preparation.

Warehouse: the printing specific warehouse locations and their free space are shown graphically.

In the figure below the detailed planning for a printing machine is shown. The user can easily change the order of the planning by using drag and drop functionality.


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