As a part of a custom implemented ERP solution for Microfibres which allows the assignment of base goods from stock to further steps in the supply chain. ALSIC developed the LOVOG application with the following functionalities:

  • Stock overview: Current stock levels can be consulted by the different product types and other categories.
  • Planning: Base goods can be assigned to working orders depending on the base goods needed for the work orders.
  • Products: The product catalogue is browsable; all available stock is visible for the product category selected.
  • Warehouses: provide a graphical overview of the warehouse. The amount of free space is shown graphically.
  • Textile role: An overview of available intermediate or finished goods can be consulted here.
  • Textile carriers: Provided by the tracking and tracing system. All carrier locations are being tracked. It is easy to find out where the carriers are and their content status.

LOVOG is integrated with tracking and tracing and the Central Data Repository allowing it to aid the planning responsible in efficiently carrying out their tasks. LOVOG can adequately answer the following questions:

  • What is the current stock level for a specific product?
  • Where can I find the base goods?
  • Which work orders need textiles to be assigned for planning purposes?
  • What is the production progress? 

Keywords: ERPMRPTraceabilitySCM
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