River Information Services (RIS) are information technology related services designed to optimise traffic and transport processes in inland navigation. 
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The VisuRIS Portal was succesfully launched by the Flemish Minister Ben Weyts on 13 May 2017.
The number of citizens who needs assistance of CPAS Schaerbeek continues to rise. The staff and the building needs to be expanded. It was imperative to find a solution so that all services on a single site can be centralized. ALSIC has successfully...
ALSIC successfully designed a new storage solution for Arteveldehogeschool. The current Storage Area Network based on 6 DELL Equallogic devices is extended with one DELL Equallogic PS6210. The existing data is live balanced between the existing members...
ALSIC has won the tender for the delivery and operational management of a brand new Private Cloud.
ALSIC has won the tender for the visualization of River Information Services related information.
ALSIC won the tender to perform the maintenance of all applications and systems at the central information center at the Flemish Bank Monitoring Network.
Application Development Because of its different approach for each problem, ALSIC has a software department at its disposal. This department develops software made in accordance to specific needs, which can involve a total project as well as a part of a project.

ALSIC can offer different analysis techniques and Case Tools with developments on various platforms and programming languages.

In advance we explore with the customers which development environment is the most adequate according to his needs, the existing developments and the maintenance of the application at a long term.
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